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An Exclusive Interview with Shiva Jayagopal on WinVinaya Academy Powered by Amphisoft’s E-Box
Entrepreneur, Software Testing Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Passionate about Enabling Persons with Disabilities

At WinVinaya Foundation, we provide free training and placement assistance to Persons with Disabilities in Software Development and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Skills and help them get a job.

Even though there are about 650 education institutions in India teaching Persons with Hearing Impairment, most of them don’t teach through Sign Language, which is their primary medium of learning.

WinVinaya Foundation has been training Hearing Impaired students using Sign Language and for other students with other disabilities using Simple English, in a traditional classroom setting. This limited our positive impact to the society. We could only train about a hundred students a year. From this, we wanted to scale it up to thousands of candidates a year. We decided that Digital Learning Platform is the best way to achieve scale without compromising quality.

We evaluated multiple Digital Learning Platforms and finally chose Amphisoft's E-Box which has very strong track record of enabling students learn IT Skills and more.

WinVinaya Foundation is using E-Box to build digital learning platform called WinVinaya Academy which will enable Persons with Disabilities to Industry Ready skills. In the first phase, WinVinaya Academy will have courses in English, Java, SQL. More courses will be added in the future. It will have courses in Sign Language and also in simple English, so that People across the Disability Spectrum can benefit.

Key Features of WinVinaya Academy
  1. Digital Content in Sign Language for Deaf and in Simple English for Others
  2. Hosted on the Cloud. Available Anytime, Anywhere
  3. Will be rolled out to Colleges for greater Impact
  4. Helps Candidates get Right Job at the Right Time
Innovative design of WinVinaya Academy

Courses in WinVinaya Academy will have three major modules

  1. iLearn – Courses will be presented through videos in ISL (Indian Sign Language) for those who know Sign Language and also through videos in English.
  2. iPractice – Multiple exercises will be provided for the candidates so that they can memorize the content properly.
  3. iAssess – will have exercises across various topics/ concepts. It will also have model assessment tests which are similar to what various MNCs ask as part of their selection process.
Benefits of WinVinaya Academy

WinVinaya Academy, powered by Amphisoft’s E-Box will benefit tens of thousands of Persons with Disabilities across India to learn industry ready skills, get a job and lead a life with dignity.

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